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Green Day Snobville

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asshole breakfast [08 Aug 2006|09:45pm]

[ mood | excited ]


remember asshole breakfast? lets do that shit. if you're in the san francisco area or will be between august 19th and 22nd and are willing to meet up for breakfast (probably at rudy's) let us know.
because who doesnt want to bask in the awesomeness that is haushinkaitlyn, lintsay, mindfuckamerica & kjaps all while eating pancakes?

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Paintmaster G! [23 Jan 2006|08:13pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Image hosting by Photobucket

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Live Freaky! Die Freaky! [30 Dec 2005|02:32pm]

[ mood | content ]

I found this article about Live Freaky! Die Freaky! a while ago. I think it's pretty interesting.

Here's the link:


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Whatsername [25 Dec 2005|11:10pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

I've heard "Whatsername" on the radio (95.50, WBRU) quite a few times lately, and apparently the song has been released as the sixth American Idiot single.

Did anybody else know about this? And what do you guys think about this?

Personally, I'm a little bit...I don't really know the word for it...angry? Disappointed?

I think that 5 singles is enough. I'm worried that Green Day is overexposing themselves. Plus, Whatsername was kind of a personal song to me (and I'm sure many of you, too), so I guess I'm a little disappointed that I have to share that with millions of people that might not appreciate it as much as we do.

I guess the whole point of this post is just to get your opinion and to inform you if you didn't already know.

P.S. Merry Christmas :)

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Hooray. Im posting. Look at me, mummy. [20 Dec 2005|03:05pm]

So...guess who was at Green Day's FINAL show the other night in Melbourne...
Holy fucking shit, our boys never cease to amaze me. I wont write a 357754398 page essay on what happened because if you've seen them perform or even seen Bullet in a Bible (and you all better have or I will stab you) then you know what they do. But here's a few cool details:
- Collectively, we spent $565 on merchandise (there was 3 of us)
- Only 5% of the people in the whole arena knew the lyrics to 'Knowledge.' So sad.
- They were all dressed in Christmas stuff during King for a Day.
- After the whole "Somebody fuck me" thing, Billie shook his head and laughed for ages and looked at us all as if we were so pathetic. It was gold!!
- They did a bunch of stuff I didnt see at their last show - Homecoming, She, I fought the Law.
- Billie called Mike a "stupid fuck" (so cute)
And get this...
-Just before "I fought the Law" Billie says "We get alot of bands trying to get us to listen to their shit and most of them are pretty ordinary - but one band completely blew us away and we think they are awesome..." at which point Chris fucking Chaney from The Living End runs onto the stage and plays with them as a guest guitarist. Well, as you can imagine everyone went fucking mental.

And thats my story. Peace.
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more zombies [11 Dec 2005|05:29pm]


knitted ones!!
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Since nobody ever answers my posts in Favorite_son... [10 Dec 2005|02:07am]

[ mood | creative ]

A while back someone posted Green Day's cover of "C# (Tion)", originally by Fifteen. I downloaded it, but my version cuts off early, so I don't have the whole thing. Can any of you be a merciful little doobie and upload it again for me?

Sometimes, I don't mind at all, and that's alright pretty baby...Collapse )


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[07 Dec 2005|08:10pm]

I felt like uploading something for you guys, so I uploaded a Sweet Children performance from 1989.
Chances are you have it already, but what the hell, download it again.
It's about 40 minutes long.


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[05 Dec 2005|09:50am]

i know a guy that does skateboard art for a living for a small company called American Bliss.

i thought the assholes would love this one.

yesCollapse )
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paint party, bitches. er.. assholes! [15 Nov 2005|07:52pm]

okay so you all know by now that kaitlyn and i rocked the application and it now totally rules... but youve all already filled it out. thus, you dont get the chance to do the awesome extra credit mspaint project. sad. OH YEAH WELL DO IT ANYWAY, YOU FUCKERS.

Your mission: Draw a photo of Green Day on Windows Paint or an equivalent program if you have a Mac or whatever and post it here. (IT MUST BE WINDOWS PAINT. None of those fancy schmancy graphic programs. We fully support the hilarity added to artwork from the amazing shittyness of Windows Paint) You can draw it from a real photo, or a video screen shot, or just make up something... as long as it features all members of the band (or extra members of the band, we may or may not be partial to drawings including them...). Show us your stuff. USE YOUR IMAGINATION, BE CREATIVE!!!!!!!

post 'em if you got 'em.
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Metal Hammer [14 Nov 2005|07:25pm]

[ mood | creative ]

I posted this on Favorite_son yesterday, and if you haven’t seen them already, I thought you might be interested. There’s a few scans from Metal Hammer and a pretty lengthy Tre interview from the same magazine under the cut.

WARNING: REEEEEALLY LONG POST UNDER CUT...but well worth it!Collapse )

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application, bitches. [13 Nov 2005|12:18am]

im working on changing up the application. its gotten a little stale. and some of the knowledge questions were repeatedly being ripped off from green day authority and stuff. blah blah blah getting to the point.. i need ideas for a few more "general" questions (the first section). what do you want to know about the wannabe assholes, duders?

oh and all revisions to the application must first be approved by our lord and master, kaitlyn. so the application wont be actually changed until she's happy with it.
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[10 Nov 2005|07:38pm]

i was lucky enough to get inside for TRL.
it was awesome.
i've never seen green day so intimiately before.
i stood in front of Jason during every song, he gave me a guitar pick, the Micah gave me one and then i found one on the stage that i took for myself.
i didn't get a chance to talk to anyone aside from Jay, but for anyone that thinks he's an asshole he's not. every time i met him has been amazing. he's just such a sweet guy.
all the songs were awesome, the guys were sweet as usual.
all-around good time.

i should also add that Jason started playing Teenagers from Mars and was later joined by Tre and Billie and Mike. i was one of the only people that was singing along.
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PURGING. [01 Nov 2005|01:57pm]

[ mood | rarrr ]

Okay. So, I was just looking at the members here and I don't know who the fuck half of you are. It's cut time.

If you're an (ACTIVE) member here and you want to stay.. leave a comment within a week (I'll give you until November 8th) or you will be removed from the community and will have to re-join/apply if you want back in.

kthnxbye and stuff.

-The Management.

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[22 Nov 2005|11:20pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

I'M A n00b!Collapse ) Well, because i am an asshole and i love Green Day. Simple. One thing i should mention...i should try to hold my temper around the fuzz....so i don't lose my lisene..sooo close...what can i say i like to speed and cut people off...and yell at my boss (the owner loves me so i will not be fired)... umm...well .... *kicks something and walks away*
Note: if my grammer and spelling sucks like I am sure it does I am sorry…I have been up for 32 hours and my mind in not working right

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[19 Oct 2005|10:24pm]

[ mood | tired ]

I'M A n00b!Collapse )because im like you guys i hate people who just like american idot or the members of the band just beouse the hot i mean come on how puthetc is that

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[16 Oct 2005|10:39pm]

dear assholes,
i love you jerks.
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[16 Oct 2005|07:18pm]

I'M A n00b!Collapse )
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[07 Oct 2005|04:53pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I'M A n00b!Collapse )

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BAFDSEWA [26 Sep 2005|02:30pm]

Community News, kinda.

I just removed about 5 people from our "members" because they never filled out applications. Sorry to the people I removed (if you're even reading this), feel free to re-join if you're actually going to fill out an application. THANX.

greatbriton has graced us with a new community icon, check it out! Thank you for voting!

ALSO: Please (please please please!!), if you have any elitist friends, let them know about us. I'm not asking you to spam and promote, just pass it along to your well knowledged wonderful Green Day lovin' friends, please?

Anyone who brings someone here who: joins, applies, and is accepted, I'll make you an icon with a photo of your choice or maybe even a layout header if you'd like. Just let me know, k?

Aaaannndd... if anyone would like to possibly help out with making prize graphics? Let me know about that too.

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